My website has two purposes. One is to describe services that I provide to help writers who seek an editorial consultant, with examples of my own writing to illustrate what I can do.
The other purpose is to provide information, intellectual stimulation, advocacy, and pleasure for readers.
Please remember that everything on the site is copyrighted and not for use off-site without my permission. Some writings are or will be available for purchase.
In May of 2013, I decided to end my college teaching career, for reasons reflected in my blog articles on Education. I want to devote my time to writing and to providing editorial services for other writers.
As an editor, for a multitude of reasons, I can help you and other writers write articles, essays, stories, poems, and books. Over the years, I have written articles, essays, stories, poems, chapter handouts for students, and 60,000 words of a memoir---with roughly a third to go. I’ve graded at least 14,000 student essays for content, structure, thematic development, outlining, format, usage, and style. My background is diverse and has many layers, so I can relate to other writers on many levels on many subjects. I have the skills. I enjoy it. If I can help you, let me know!
Via the links on the left, you can find information about the editorial services I offer and how to contact me.
On this website I have included examples of what I have written in each genre, to illustrate my writing skills for someone who seeks editorial services.
I hope that all visitors to this site will find my works helpful, interesting, stimulating, fulfilling, and amusing---as the case may be.
The columns speak to human needs and how to live a more fulfilled life.
The stories are intended to amuse and charm---with a message.
I think some of my poems are actually pretty good. Others might think so too and might enjoy and resonate with them.
The memoir describes how a child and adolescent with all my problems (at least I saw them as problems) could possibly be going to Yale in the fall. It deals with families, personality development, religion, social skills, relationships, and sex (well, actually, what to do about sex and sexual identity in adolescence when they seem really screwed up).
In short, for the value to others, I want to tell the stories, publish the poems, finish and publish the memoir, and share my thoughts in blog articles. The blog topic areas are The “Self,” Ethics and Religion, Gardens, Education and Teaching, and Life in Maine. Digital publishing and artisanal publishing of my works are in the developmental stages. (“Artisanal publishing” is “self-publishing” without the negative connotations.)
I hope you enjoy my website. New content will appear regularly, every 10 to 12 days or so, from now on.
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Langston Snodgrass
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