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The "Self"
Just who are we? We think of ourselves as individuals, as persons, as human beings. We think of ourselves as having many parts and many dimensions.
We think of ourselves as reason- able, or emotional, or spiritual, or physical, or as being in relationships with others and as a complex whole. But ultimately, who are we?
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Take a look at yourself
Take a look at yourself

Ethics & Religion
Buddhism, gaining popular- ity in America.
The individual search for “enlightenment” is widely under- stood to be the goal of Buddhists. It means understanding the world the way it really is and using that understanding to live a more fulfilling life. Everyone would like this of course. Or..?
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Buddhist Values for Today?
Buddhism and Western Culture

Life in Maine
About Gay Potluck and "Edwardian Dinner" Parties
We wondered how a different kind of dinner party might work. We call it the Edwardian Dinner Party. Inspirations are the PBS Downton Abbey series, with its elegant dinners, and the Parisian salons of the Enlightenment. Did it work?
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Edwardian Dinner Party
Inspired by Downton Abbey

Education & Teaching
After 15 years of teaching I decided to stop. As I reflect on my reasons, the basic reason is undoubtedly lack of respect.
It has been said that “Adjuncts are the slave labor of higher education.” This is factually true beyond doubt. Adjuncts are disrespected as teachers, as individual human beings, and as professionals in terms of what adjuncts are paid and in how they are treated.
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Adjuncts Disrespected
Not a whole lot of respect

The Katsura Monastery Garden is the primary garden now at Casa Serenissima. I began this Japanese garden as soon I moved to Maine in June of 2004.
It is named after the Katsura Villa, a former imperial family palace in Kyoto, Japan. I was inspired by the grounds of this villa, by a Zen Buddhist abbot’s garden at Ryoan-ji Monastery, and by a photo in an unknown magazine.
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Herb Garden
Herb Garden

Letters, Politics & Comments
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Letter Writing
Letter Writing