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The Self
The "Self": What Is It? (16 May 2013)
Life in Maine
Edwardian Dinner Party (13 December 2013)
A Vacation Trip to the Southland and a Dance with Sepsis and Hematuria (10 August 2013)
Ethics & Religion
Buddhist Values for Today? (9 May 2013)
The Katsura Monastery Garden (11 May 2013)
Education & Teaching
"It's a Lack of Respect," She Replied: An Analysis of Community College Student Disrespect for Faculty
(2 July 2013)
Adjuncts: The Slave Labor of Higher Education
(14 May 2013)
Letters, Politics & Comments
No entries yet; content being prepared.

Crossing The Golden Gate
I Love to Ride upon the Waters (19 May 2013)
Elegy for Nicole (19 May 2013)
Love Poems For Tony
Tony Will Always Be Beautiful to Me (9 August 2012)
Little Tony and the Turkeys (11 August 2013)

Short Stories
Mélisande (21 May 2013)